We get it. Surgery is challenging physical work. Ergonomic stress, repetitive strain, cumulative trauma, pain and impairment are inherent to the profession. While discomfort is fatiguing, distracting, frustrating, and career limiting, it’s mostly unnecessary and preventable. Our world-class experts systematically diagnose and fix the cause of your unique physical constraints and pain-triggers, enabling you to experience well-being and do more of what you live for.

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G. Esperanza Gonzalez
Physical Therapist


Hope for Surgeons is where surgeons go to get better and safeguard their most valuable asset – their physical and functional capacity to perform surgery in comfort, confidence, and control. It is our mission to serve the interests and well-being of our clients. We invite you to learn more…

Inside each of us there is a “blueprint” …a natural design where all the parts work together in perfect harmony to empower health, vitality, activity, and well-being.

Sadly, reality often does not mirror the perfection of the design. Things break and so do people. Physical pain and functional impairment suck the energy and joy out of life while disrupting and potentially ending careers prematurely. We solve those problems to keep you moving with perfection.

Esperanza Hope Gonzalez

“There is no power like hope. No incentive so great or medicine so healing as the expectation of a better tomorrow.”

Our Clients

Our clients are Surgeons… men and women who spend decades acquiring specialized knowledge, and skills to help others. Professionals who have dedicated their careers to the healing of others with the sacred promise of, “Do no harm.”

Over the brief timespan of less than a career, they themselves are harmed by the persistent physical demands of their work. Repetitive strain and cumulative trauma take its toll in pain, impairment, and degenerative conditions.

Physical stressors lead to functional impairment… the arch-enemy of surgeons. Despite extensive training, surgeons are not taught how to defend against these career limiting forces.

Our Services

We too have spent many years acquiring specialized knowledge and skills. Our role is to help surgeons improve their physical and functional capacity allowing them to overcome physical challenges and thus optimize their careers.

Our clients are surgeons who require technical finesse as well as medical and functional readiness.

Hope for Surgeons doesn’t just treat symptoms but rather systematically diagnoses and repairs the physical and functional vulnerabilities that others fail to recognize… the vulnerabilities that compromise promising careers.

Our Value

Like professional athletes, surgeons’ bodies constantly fight gravity, stressful postures and positioning for long periods of time during surgery. They too need training and preparation in resilience, endurance and physical performance, to be successful at their game. Sadly, most surgeons are not adequately prepared as evidenced by the prevalence of recurrent or persistent symptoms of discomfort and pain throughout their careers.

The solution is not a gym membership, personal trainers, chiropractors, or traditional physical therapists. The solution is the restoration of body function. That is the specialty of Hope for Surgeons.

Most surgeons have a Legal Advisor, Financial Advisor, Practice Manager, and Surgical Team; but most lack a qualified Physical Therapist to help prevent, manage and overcome functional problems that inevitably occur during one’s career. That is the value that Hope for Surgeons create for its clients.

Celebrating Our Client's Success

Our success is measured by our client’s success. Our priority is our clients – each one is provided with a unique treatment suited to their individual needs. Drawing on nearly 2 decades of world-class training and experience we make good things happen.

Good To Know

The pain that surgeons experience related to the surgery they perform are examples of Muscular-Skeletal Disorders (MDSs).

MSDs are distinguished by the presence of physical pain and functional impairment related to specific movements or postures.

MSDs are the #1 cost in US healthcare and the #1 cause of disability globally.

Most physicians and even physical therapists receive little if any formal training in dynamic, 3-dimensional, chain-reaction biomechanics, ergonomics, and functional movement. Thus, real solutions commonly remain elusive. Movement is both the biomechanical cause of MSDs and their natural cure… think of “Movement as Medicine.”

But not any movement will do. All movement is not created equal. Bad movement hurts and harms. Good movement helps and heals. We know the difference.

It makes no sense to treat biomechanical disfunction with chemical prescriptions. Imaging fixes nothing and often misleads with an abundance of false-positives. It’s also unreasonable to expect generic exercise to correct specific movement disorders.

MSD solutions are inherently highly individualized. It’s what we do, why it works, and is the best treatment for your needs.